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electronic Maintenance of Rural Roads under PMGSY
Road to Rural Digital Transformation

General Instructions

  • Do not share user-Id/password with anyone. In case of any problem or misuse, concerned person is responsible.
  • Please logout from eMARG when not in use.
  • eMARG is role-based system. All users should perform as per roles assigned.
  • Do not share your DSC token & PIN with anyone.
  • Please use user-id/ password only in your mobile phone for Inspection/ Notification apps. Do not use your credentials in mobile of others.
  • After conducting inspection in Offline mode, please upload as & when Internet is available. Remember if you are using sync master or logout without uploading, your inspections will be lost.

Instructions for Mobile App

  • Guideline for taking inspection images/pictures in eMARG. Click here.

Instructions for Contractor

  • Contractors are advised to download and install eMARG Notification Mobile App in their mobile phone. Do not use your eMARG credentials in other's mobile.
  • Contractors to ensure that their Bank Account details, Mobile No. and other personal details are up to date in eMARG.
  • Contractors are advised to submit Monthly Routine Bills on time i.e. All past bills need to be submitted within 15 days of a Package/Work is available for bill submission into Contractor's eMARG login. In case of reversal of package, prior submitted bills of reversed package will stand 'Cancelled/Deleted'. Thus Contractors need to re-submit these bills.
  • Monthly routine regular/upcoming bills need to be submitted within 10 days after the monthly bill period is over.
  • Contractors may be penalized for delayed bills submission.
  • Contractors are advised to verify package/work details, road details, bill amount etc. carefully before proceeding to final bill submission. Any discrepancy in data to be brought into the notice of respective PIU Incharge.
  • Contractors are advised to regularly carry out inspection on roads under their contract and maintain roads in good condition as per agreement.

Instructions for Banker

  • Bankers to ensure that their Mobile Number, email and other personal details are up to date in eMARG.
  • Bankers are advised to verify Scroll details, Debit account details, Contractor's account details etc. carefully before the payment of scrolls.
  • Please enter valid Bank Transaction Id.
  • Transaction status needs to be updated only after the confirmation of the status (Successful/Failed) of transaction.